"Inspiring a new form of leadership"

"Now I am travelling the world, living my purpose coaching my own clients"

Sarah T

"I didn't realise I could transform so much in such a short space of time".

Sarah H

"Sometimes it felt like he was reading my mind"

Bez M

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“When I was seemingly trapped in the dark night of the soul, I was overwhelmingly mauled by all of my inner fears, worries, and judgements, all ferociously attacking at once. 

There seemed to be no respite, no safe haven. In other words, I had become somewhat hopeless. This was all escalated by a freezing up of my physical body, as this inner gale wind had nowhere to go, or more accurately; I had no understanding of how to transmute this destructive vortex into positive transformation. 

That is, until I met Jamie. 

Jamie’s compassionate and intuition-targeted teaching quickly allowed me to “bypass” the internal war going on inside myself, and leverage it as a tool for spiritual evolution. I understood quickly that these tools could be used in every area of my life. I was also equipped with the yogic arsenal that was the positive catalyst for Jamie’s transformation. To say it is powerful is a tragic understatement. For the first time in my life, I was able to actually feel the pranic life force that I am and leverage it for physical and spiritual change.

I have since healed, and I am enjoying witnessing the inner sprouts of conscious awareness to bloom in the soil left by the aforementioned “wreckage”. 

If it were not for Jamie and his direct and wonderful teachings, I would likely still be trapped in the tempestuous winds, not knowing that salvation was just a stones throw away.”

Jack - Portsmouth, U.K

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Jamie has played a pivotal role with helping me on my journey. He has provided me with powerful tools, such as yogic techniques, lifestyle suggestions and valuable one-on-one integrative sessions. Jamie has helped me to discover many insights about the true nature of self; enabling me to overcome many self-imposed limitations.


Having experienced the nature of Kundalini and the Dark Night of the Soul, Jamie Munday has been a useful conduit in helping me to through navigate through these beautiful experiences, on the path of consciousness.


Healing oneself is no easy task, but having Jamie has provided a structured platform into dealing with that which is spiritual. There is never a magic pill solution, but having the power of Jamie's techniques at my disposal, has surely made it all the more easier!


I am grateful for his profound impact on my life and look forward to continue working with him in the future.

Kreesan Naicker, Client

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